Leisure tips

The canopy pathway with observation tower.

The centrepiece of the experience of „Panarbora“ park is the 40 metres high tower, from which you can enjoy from the viewing platform a panoramic view of „Bergisches Land“. From here one can reach the longest and wheelchair accessible Treetop Walking Path in NRW to discover the nature from a totally new perspective. On a walking length of 1.635 metres it leads on a roundtour through the different vegetation zones.

The exhibition at the Treetop Walking Path

  • From the jungle to the commercial forest
    Here you will get to know the different types of forests. Is every forest the same?
    The different types of forests are introducing themselves.
  • The tree is dead - long live the tree!
    Here you will get to know what`s up under the bark of the deadwood stems.
  • The forest never sleeps!
    Either day or night- there`s always something going on in the forest. We will show you when which animals are active.
  • Live from the forest
    Here you will get to know who actual lives from the wood of our forests. You can explore why the wood of our forests is such an extraordinary natural resource.
  • Attention - growth from the stump!
    The commercial coppice shaped the “Bergisches Land“ in the 19th century. Here you will get to know what this is exactly.
  • The alteration of the landscape
    We will show you how the “Bergisches Land“ changed over the centuries.

Leisure facilities in the nature adventure park

The adventure playground 

The water- and adventure playground is adressed especially on our little guests.The contact with several nature materials is encouraging the senses and the creativity of the kids in a various kind. The playground is stimulating the kids to loose their shyness of “outside“ and to move themselves again more in the nature. Especially the motoric encouragement of infants is central. Various climbing frames are providing the coordinative development of the kids.


The hedge labyrinth

An evergreen hedge labyrinth appeals to all senses of our visitors in a varied kind. The awareness, especially the sense of direction, will be eminently appealed here. The labyrinth is offering numerous potential solution processes. Sometimes a hedge labyrinth is stretching its visitors to their personal limits of frustration tolerance; for example, if the path through the approx. 2 metres high labyrinth will not target immediately.


The game tunnel

A ramified tunnel system is offering a thrilling enjoyment underneath the ground. The approx. 10 metres long tunnels have a 1,20 diameter and are therefore especially appropriate for the kids. Adults without claustrophobia are of course cordially invited to the “underworld“ of Panarbora as well.


On-site a huge map is showing various leisure time tips outside of Panarbora.

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