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Ruhr Area, Bergisches Land or Düsseldorf- leisure time fun for everyone!

The Ruhr area, the Bergisches Land and the NRW state capital of Düsseldorf - Ratingen has something for everyone. And the town itself is also worth a visit.

Leisure facilities in the youth hostel

  • Playground equipment and climbing frames
  • Table tennis
  • Streetball basket
  • Parlour games
  • Books
  • Table football and pinball machine
  • Fireplaces
  • Disco room
  • Keep-fit trail
  • Nature trail
  • Playing field
  • Rope garden (available only in conjunction with a program)
  • Shoot-out challenge </ ul>

Leisure facilities in the area

Thanks to its location on the edge of the Ruhr area, Ratingen itself looks back on a turbulent industrial history. It houses one of the oldest industrial sites in Germany, the "Cromford" spinning mill. Today the building houses a part of the Rhineland Industrial Museum. The historical town centre of Ratingen offers an interesting contrast to the industrial heritage of the Cromford Villa. Go for a stroll through the town's medieval town, with its towers and ancient streets. Nature lovers will be delighted by the surroundings of the hostel: the nearby forest invites visitors to go on extensive walks of exploration and even adults can learn a lot on the nature trail. The forest and its inhabitants are also the focus of many school groups that stay at the hostel.

  • Strolling: in the historic town of Ratingen (30 minutes on foot)
  • Sailing: on the Blauer See (Blue Lake) (with fairy tale zoo, about 25 minutes on foot)
  • Plunging into the waters: in the indoor and outdoor pools (about 20 minutes on foot)
  • Cold air and hot blades: at the skating rink
  • Visiting the cotton factory: the Rhineland Industrial Museum Textile Mill Cromford (about 25 minutes on foot)

Leisure facilities in the region

If you haven't had enough of Rhenish industrial history, you should pay the North Duisburg Landscape Park a visit. The 200-acre park is located on the site of an old steel mill and is one of the "anchor points" of the European Route of Industrial Heritage.

Want to see some big city lights? Essen and Dusseldorf are not far away and attract visitors with their wide range of shops, sights and Rhenish joie de vivre.

  • City tours: Duisburg, Essen, Dusseldorf
  • North Duisburg Landscape Park
  • Industrial history in the Ruhr

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