104 beds, 20 rooms (rooms with 4, 6, 8, 10 and 16 beds), 1 common games room, 8 rooms for group leaders with bathroom, 12 rooms with washing facilities, 5 common rooms, barbecue hut.

Inside Mönchengladbach-Hardter Wald Environmental Hostel, everything is cosy and rustic - the traditional building from the 1930s is lovingly furnished. The rooms are bright, friendly and functional. Sanitary facilities are located on all floors where the bedrooms are located. In the cosy common rooms, children and teenagers can meet to play and make plans. As a rule, each group from 20 people is allocated its own common room as a meeting place. But when the weather is good, guests staying at the hostel are usually drawn outside: the forest and the large outdoor areas are ideal for climbing, building huts and playing hide and seek.

What's special about an Environmental Hostel?

As an Environmental Hostel, Mönchengladbach-Hardter Wald Youth Hostel has something special to offer its guests, because Environmental Hostels have to meet a variety of quality standards: resource conservation, healthy food involving regional suppliers, energy efficiency and a range of educational offers relating to the environment and leisure activities. The main topics at Mönchengladbach-Hardter-Wald Youth Hostel are those of the forest, water and games in which children can experience nature. In the form of games, field trips and practical studies, guests both young and old are given an understanding of the issue of environmental protection - independently or with educational guidance. In the "nature experience area" on the hostel's premises, you can experience nature with all your senses. The small teaching habitat is home to animal and plant life, which budding explorers can investigate equipped with nets and a magnifying glass beaker.

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