Current metropolises, history-charged cities, picturesque landscapes and industrial culture on a grand scale.

Current metropolises, history-charged cities, picturesque landscapes and industrial culture on a grand scale.

City- and graduation trips to the most beautiful corners in the Rhineland.

Already Johann Wolfgang von Goethe knew: “A prudent men will find the best education on a journey“. Education, which is extending beyond book-learning and which takes place at the encounter with most diverse humans, unknown cities and new experiences, becomes possible only by travelling. So why not immediately combine business with pleasure?

City-tours are especially popular for the higher age-group levels. Pulsating metropolises like Bonn, Düsseldorf, Duisburg and Cologne rank among the most popular destinations for class- and graduation trips. Sightseeing, shopping and selfies with envy-factor in front of impressing sceneries. No doubt: the chance to turn the back on the daily school routine for a couple of days with dedicate yourself to an unknown big city with all its facets of the cultural life- whoever would say no to this?

For the planning of a stay at our youth hostels Bonn, Düsseldorf, Duisburg and Cologne, our travel- and service agency DJH Go2City offers a competent support. Your personal counterpart will consult you from A to Z, concerning all the travel-relevant issues, so that nothing stands in the way of a smoothly procedure of arrival and departure, the stay as well as chosen programme items.

But where to go? Düseldorf, Cologne, Bonn, Duisburg- or as well as?

All of the 6 City-Hostels and youth hostels are unbeatable central located and are scoring with the highest facilities-standards of the Deutsche Jugendherbergswerk. Basically, all of the city-tours are consisting of individual combinable experience-modules and regional highlights. Alternatively, multi-day class trips can be booked as a complete-programme.

For example: Düsseldorf is considered as fashionable, sets trends as a fashion-metropolis and unifies creativity from all over the world. A skilful balancing act between tradition and modernity is mastered by the city of Cologne- either Kwartier Latäng or historic-city, historical cathedral or philharmonic hall, museum Ludwig or the German Sports&Olympic Museum- culture in all its facets comes first in Cologne!

Not a city in the conventional sense, but not less a varied and diversified culture- and leisure life is offered by Beethovens city of birth, Bonn.

With the area of the Landscape Park Duisburg-North and the Sportspark, Duisburg is setting new standards both cultural, creative and sportive and makes industrial culture come alive on an entirely new level.

Where the travel will lead you and your school class in the end, is surely decided by you. We`re taking care of everything else! In the meantime, just look forward together with your class to eventful, but principally unforgettable city-highlights over here in the Rhineland!