Science and technology

Experiment and research through play

21st century society is faced with great challenges: saving resources, climate change, energy provision – the state of North-Rhine Westphalia needs young talents that can take on these themselves. In order to introduce young people to socially relevant themes at an early age and interest them in technology and natural sciences, curricular and extracurricular activities are necessary that communicate the appropriate content with the necessary professionalism – with an emphasis on play, of course, and with a whole lot of fun!

The Rhineland youth hostels see themselves as extracurricular learning centres that offer a multitude of exciting and entertaining programmes on scientific and technological themes – as part of school trips, holiday recreation camps or group tours. Power and energy, nature as a model an in itself, current and water – the programmes of the Rhineland youth hostels are educationally supervised and designed to teach about the laws of nature with an emphasis on play. The Environmental Youth Hostels of Lindlar and Mönchengladbach-Hardter Wald are especially dedicated to experiences of nature, resource protection and sustainable economic activity. But technological learning is not neglected either: making your own cartoons on the computer, looking for the perfect image using a digital camera and going on a treasure hunt with a GPS device – our activities are designed for all ages.