Panarbora- back to nature!

Thrilling adventures, extraordinary experiences of nature and foreign cultures- all this the experiental pedagogical park of nature “Panarbora“ -located at the periphery of Waldbröl in the “Bergisches Land“- is combining. It was opened 2015 with its Europe-wide unique concept. In a by hightech characterized life- and working world the park offers since then a remarkable withdrawal into the nature. Although this requirement for closeness to nature isn`t new, the concept of the experience of nature park Panarbora scores with its uniqueness: Through facilities like the 1.600 metres long canopy pathway, a 40 metres high observation tower and the academy of experience of nature environmental- and nature protection, sustainable management and globalization are learned and mediated. Combined with extraordinary opportunities for overnight stays Panarbora is mediating an environmental pedagogical approach and an experience of nature in a particular way. Whoever stays overnight in authentically recreated Asian Yurts, South-American stilt- or African mud-walled houses; the so-called Global Villages, the Family House or the Tree House will get to know foreign cultures and unspoiled nature without refrain from modern standards.


The youth hostel Waldbröl-Panarbora offers 170 guests an attractive accommodation. So daily- and overnight stay guests as well as families, school groups and participants of seminars are able to make their own experiences of nature- a special time-out from the technique-characterized daily routine. Added to that on an area big as 11 football pitches there are several eventful facilities: from a hedge maze and an adventure playground to the course of senses. Whoever has got to know this experience of nature and special pleasure of playing, does know, that the name of the park had not been choosed coincidental: The Graeco-Roman word combination “Panarbora“ combines the word “Pan“ -in the ancient Greece the god of forest and nature- with “Arbor“, in German: tree.


Get to know more about the experience of nature park and the youth hostel Waldbröl-Panarbora and plug into nature!