Museums in the Rhineland

Experience culture and tradition

No two museums are alike: art museums, natural history museums, museums of local history or open-air museums – there is a wide range on offer. More and more museums are designed for visits with the whole family: special elements and exhibitions for children make the visit an exciting journey of discovery! Here they can touch, try out and experiment, listen to stories and learn by playing. One fast-growing trend is what is known as audio guides, which enable you to explore the exhibition rooms in detail at your own speed – for adults and children.

In the Rhineland you will find a multitude of exciting and lovingly designed museums that take families, school classes and groups on a unique journey into the past.

Where do we come from? Discover the lives of our ancestors: the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann provides living impressions of the presence of the Neanderthals, whose skeletons were first found here in Mettmann. This lavishly designed museum with a lot of multimedia presentations, reading texts and audio experiences can be reached from the Ratingen Youth Hostel and the City-Hostel Düsseldorf in a very short time.
are very close to the APX
Also well worth a visit: the Xanten Archaeological Park (APX). Bread and circuses, Roman thermae, jewellery and pottery: you can experience Roman history close-up on the ground of the Roman city of Colonia Ulpia Traiana in Germany’s largest archaeological open-air museum. In the Roman Museum you can see the remains of the thermae and fascinating attestations of the ancient inhabitants. The youth hostels of Xanten, Kevelaer and Cleves are very close to the APX. Here you can immerse yourself in the Roman era with exciting programmes, either with the family or the school class.

Off to the Middle Ages, to the times of knights and lords of the castle: in North-Rhine Westphalia you will find a large number of well-maintained castles and fantastic castle ruins. Many of them contain museums that provide insights into the history and culture of the Middle Ages and life in a castle. Discover, for example, Burg Castle near Solingen, one of the biggest restored castle grounds in Western Germany.

You will find an especially high density of museums in the major Rhineland cities. The chocolate museum in Cologne, the maritime museum in Düsseldorf or the House of History in Bonn – you are certain to find your field of interest. A new museum culture has come about in the Ruhr in the last few decades: experience the industrial past of the region on the route of Industrial Culture. The highlight of the “Pott”: Zeche Zollverein, part of the UNESCO World Heritage and the biggest coal mine in the world today, houses the Ruhr Museum and the red dot design Museum.