Holidays and weekends

Just get away!

Whether it’s just for the weekend or for the holidays, with friends, club or family, a few days of relaxation in the fresh air discovering new things gives us new strength for taking on everyday stress at school or at work. The Rhineland youth hostels offer exciting programmes that are fun and provide some distraction – come and see for yourself! 

Off on holiday

Holiday time is adventure time – this is certainly the motto of the Rhineland youth hostels’ holiday programmes. Being active, trying out new things and having fun are always the top priorities here, whether it is children and teens travelling without their parents or families going on holiday together. Thrills on the high-rope course, survival training with irons and a bivouac or a city adventure in Cologne – our range of programmes for kids and teens leave nothing to be desired. There will be no lack of either fun or quality – because experienced and trained instructors will be there around the clock for the kids. So even the smallest ones will feel well looked after.

The holiday programmes for families are no less action-packed either: here, men and boys will make their first cucumber mask, mothers and daughters will become captains and families will climb the red sandstone cliffs of the Eifel together.

Of course you can also explore the Rhineland with your family independently – and at unbeatably low prices. Since 2012 there has been a 30-50% discount for children for families in all 35 Rhineland youth hostels. And 11 youth hostels in the Rhineland are, as family youth hostels, especially well suited for relaxed and eventful holidays for the whole family. Find out about our special promotions and savings packages for families too!

A weekend away

The Rhineland youth hostels are a popular destination not only for holiday time, but also for a weekend away with the family, friends or your club. There are 23 programmes offering a weekend full of fun and distraction for groups of 10 or more. Nature and adventure, sport and experience or fantasy and play – we have the right programme for every group. Go and chase down a murderer in Solingen, the "City of Knives", paddle past some impressive industrial scenery in the “Pott” or take a break from everyday stress in the Wellness Oasis!

Of course, families can experience exciting weekends in the Rhineland throughout the year – with an extra free night's stay (given away when booking a certain number of nights) in the Rhine metropolises. The City Weekends in Aachen, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Essen, Wuppertal and Cologne can be booked throughout the year – and there is always a sightseeing highlight included!