A portion of appreciation, please!

Project SurplusValueConsumption: an iniative for the rescue of foodstuff.

Plates instead of dustbins.

According to the current dietary report of the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, the Germans are throwing away about 55 kilogramms of foodstuff per head and year- barely half of this is avoidable litter. So in total, roughly 11 million tons of food are ending up literally chucked in the dustbin- and this only in Germany!

Our dedication for more sustainability.

Ecological responsibility, innovation and the promotion of social values are parts of the headline goals of the German Youth Hostel Association and are therefore markedly important for us. In an intensive cooperation with the project MehrWertKonsum (SurplusValueConsumption) entirely 13 youth hostels from the state associations Rhineland had consolidated and started up a commendable iniative. Defined goal: the conscious and systematic rescue of foodstuff. Hereby, catering-offers were targeted optimised with regard to environmentally friendliness and sustainable consumer behaviour.

On cloud nine.

Numerous continuing educations, workshops and seminars for the house- and kitchen management were accompanying this process. Varied menues were proofed with regard to a healthy and environmentally friendly orientation; recipes were optimised; occasionally the portions of the dishes were narrowed and less good current dishes were replaced by environmentally healthy food such as vegetarian dishes with seasonal locally grown foodstuff.

The example of the youth hostel Cologne-Riehl, where from the beginning of this year on already a third less scrapings remained on the plates, at the buffet and in the pots, shows that already little measures can lead to big changes.

Environmentally friendly menues: our measures for foodstuff-rescue.

  • measurements of the plates- and food distribution scrapings and causal analysis as a basis for a better planning in the kitchen and changes in the contribution
  • communication of all of the measurements with the guests
  • optimisation of menues and recipes with regard to climate- and environment protection
  • “poor in garbage and environmentally friendly catering“ in the course of an ecological responsibility and as an educational environment- and experiential-pedagogical approach


The following houses are part of the iniative “Project SurplusValueConsumption“:

Youth hostels Cologne-Riehl, Bonn, Aachen, Bad Münstereifel, Waldbröl, Lindlar