Action and relaxation at Easter

The first great family holiday of the year is best celebrated at home in a cosy atmosphere: children go looking for hidden sweets, there are Easter presents and a festive meal with the whole family. But the two-week Easter holidays also offer an opportunity to go away with the whole family: just switch off, experience something and replenish your energy. You can do both at the Rhineland youth hostels: the holiday programmes for families organised by the Rhineland youth hostels either finish on Good Friday or start on Easter Monday – so there is nothing to stand in the way of your traditional Easter festival.

Would your children like to go away alone or do you have no time to go away on holiday with your family? No problem – the Rhineland youth hostels offer a lot of varied children's and youth camps at which your children can discover new hobbies and find friends with the same interests – without being all too far from home. And there is no lack of fun or quality either, because experienced and trained team leaders bring a massive repertoire of programmes along and are there for the children around the clock.

Do you want to plan your own programme or even go away over the holidays? You can do that too – and thanks to the family-friendly activities from the Rhineland youth hostels you can do it at a very reasonable price: families can benefit at all the hostels from a child discount of up to 50%.

Easter programmes
You can find the Easter programmes from the Rhineland youth hostels in our “Meine Ferien”-catalogue, available from autumn onwards. Sign up for our newsletter now – we will let you know as soon as the catalogue is available.