From Castle to Castle

Travel through time to the Middle Ages

There is hardly any countryside in Europe that is so rich in well-preserved castles and manor houses as the Rhineland. On account of the geographical and constantly changing political situation a multitude of different kinds of fortresses have been built here over the last few centuries.

Immerse yourself in the times of the knights and damsels – you can really go back in time in the Rhineland, Bergisches Land and the Eifel. Admire the ruins of the picturesque Nideggen Castle, which is embedded in the Eifel countryside near the Nideggen Youth Hostel, surrounded by red sandstone cliffs. Another popular destination for excursions is the romantic Castle Homburg – there is a museum of history and culture in the comprehensively restored grounds today. All around the castle there is a nature discovery trail. From the youth hostel at Wiehl you can reach the Höhenburg after just 20 kilometres or so.

There are even two Rhineland youth hostels that are located directly in old castle grounds: you will feel like real lords of the castle in the youth hostels at Blankenheim and Monschau Castles! Families can enjoy the mediaeval flair and rustic atmosphere in comfortable holiday flats and set off from here to unique natural experiences. Children really love going on discovery tours through mysterious passageways and experiencing magical adventures with new friends. Including the castle ghost!

Mediaevalists of all ages will also be happy about the varied range of programmes of the Rhineland youth hostels – because many hostels in the Rhineland use the dark times of knights and lords of the castle as the basis of exciting and imaginative programmes for school trips and holiday camps. With the whole class, family or a group you can dress up in mediaeval costumes, learn about chivalric virtues and solve mysteries all around the old castles.