Action&Wellness for body and mind.

Our rhenish youth hostel Wiehl.

Stress was yesterday, today it`s wellness holiday.

Forget the daily routine, relax but sometimes put the foot down- that must not be a contradiction! The evidence is provided by our service-team of the youth hostel Wiehl in cooperation with their engaged and experienced programme partners.


Just get out and forget about daily routine.

Whoever spends his holiday with us in the “Wellness-Hotel“, wants action, sports, games and fun; but also at last some space for teaking a break from everyday life. Especially in the present, fast moving age a little escape from daily routine is really important. Therefore we offer wellness-days  for school classes and groups:


-wellness for kids and teens- school trip, three-to five-day

-wellness ABC- holidays leisure time for juveniles

-wellness oasis- programme for groups from an attendance of 10


Entirely individual. Relax as you want it.

Our youth hostel Wiehl is equipped with an on-site sauna with recreational room. In the evening time our guests can relax or lash out on a massage. With our wellness-modules you can assemble very easy your entirely personal feelgood programme- either workout, Quigong, Yoga or with a cosmetic therapy.


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