Deeply in the West.

The youth hostels in the Rhineland.

The heritage of the industrial culture.

Coal mines, blast furnaces, gasometer and shaft towers- no other region in Germany is more characterized by the industrial age as the Rhineland. Above all, in the Ruhr area- the so-called “Pott“-you can still find in proximity of our youth hostels numerous testimonials of this turbulent past. From the technological achievements, impressive debris of the production centres to the typical worker`s settlements and entrepreneur mansions..These days these stages are lively places for varied leisure time activities.


Business before pleasure.

Paddle along the abandoned factories, climb in a former iron and steel work to proceed to tracking in the “Villa Hügel“, the famous estate of the legendary industrialist family Krupp. The anchor points of the “Route of Industrial Heritage“ are in the focus of many programmes and modules of the youth hostel Duisburg Landschaftspark Nord or the youth hostel Essen. And that`s not all: the youth hostel for industrial heritage Duisburg Landschaftspark Nord is, since 2001, housed in the former administration building of the Thyssen iron and steel works in the new styled Landschaftspark Nord. Stay overnight, where in former days the smokestacks were puffing in a historical building with extraordinary comfort and ambience.


Get to know more about the attractive landmarks in the area of our youth hostels.


Landmarks in the area of the youth hostel


“Museum der Deutschen Binnenschiffahrt (inland navigation)“, Duisburg

Inner harbour, Duisburg

Landschaftspark ( landscape park) Duisburg-Nord

“Villa Hügel“, Essen

UNESCO World Heritage “Zeche Zollverein“ and “Kokerei Zollverein“, Essen

Tuchfabrik ( cloth mill) Müller, Euskirchen

Gesenkschmiede ( drop-forging) Hendrichs, Solingen