More than a motto.

FEEL GOOD youth hostel in the Rhineland.

A new quality standard for youth hostels.


Healthy, tasty, moved, relaxed and with juvenile vigour- that`s the motto of our “youth hostels with FEEL GOOD-offer“. Here we are combining healthy diet with a harmonious house-, respectively group atmosphere, as well as a stress relieving relaxing- and locomotion offer.


Think positive.


At a holiday in the rhenish youth hostels, juveniles will experience with the FEEL GOOD-concept what will do them good in an autonomous and playfully manner. So they will seize earlier the health-promoting action alternatives, because positive emotions are effecting evidentially more than  mind-appealing and often anxiety-producing risk clarification. Briefly worded: have fun, learn better!



A terrific offer.

Either school trips or group holidays: our repertoire has always excited every guest. Would you like an example? With pleasure:

-healthy, tasty, and appealing presented catering

-welcome-beverages at the cocktail bar

-shaped picknicks and food festivities

-staged sports-events and trips

-casino with a price-buffet

-beauty salon

-sweeping games

-active modelling of cosy corners and recreational rooms


By the way: the concept FEEL GOOD is sponsored by the Federal Centre for Health Education together with transfer e.V. and the Deutsche Jugendherbergswerk.