The Adventure Academy.

Our youth hostel Simmerath-Rurberg.

Experience adventures, overcome bounds.

Great, if the next adventure waits directly behind the next corner. You just have to find it. Whoever books the varied survival- and outdoor programmes of our youth hostel Simmerath-Rurberg, has definitely found it! It doesn`t matter if children, juveniles, families, groups or school classes- the adventure holiday is ready to get started.


Climbing holiday in the Eifel.

Directly beside our youth hostel the 8 metres high climbing tower is located. It`s diverse climbing routes are a real challenge for all summiteers. But also in the high rope course you have to show courage. In 14 metres height  15 thrilling stations, such as a rope-bridge or an aerial ropeslide, are waiting to be mastered. Not quite so high, but not less challenging is our slackline-parcours.


A holiday at the seaside with all extras.

Exploring the branched Rursee in a Canadian or constructing rafts out of tons, timbers and branches together. Even on the water there`s teamsports at its best. From now on we offer a taster sailing course on the Rursee as well.


Off to the wilderness.

Now it`s getting a wee bit tougher. Because in the Eifel-forest one has to switch in the survival-modus. Inflame a campfire without matches or lighters, track the trails, archery and constructing emergency bivouacs- these are basic skills, which one should master in the wilderness, and in fact can learn with our adventure programmes. The final exam is gonna be hold in the forest. Equipped only with GPS, compass and maps, it`s about finding the way back to the youth hostel Simmerath-Rurberg- certainly under guidance of our teams.


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