Swimming and water sports

Sport and fun for keen swimmers

Swimming and water sports are fun, refreshing and healthy – whether as a leisure pursuit or sporting activity, open-air or indoors!

Some of the Rhineland youth hostels have the best possible conditions for water sports such as kayak, water-skiing or even diving thanks to their location by a lake or other body of water. The Xanten Youth Hostel in particular, which is located directly by the Southern Xanten Lake (Xantener Südsee), has a broad range of programmes for families, school classes and tour parties. You can try various types of water sports: sailing, catamaranning or surfing – active guests will get their money’s worth here. But there are also other hostels that are situated by quiet rivers or artificial lakes on which you can, for instance, take a canoe to explore the local surroundings and do some sport at the same time. A school trip spending a day in the boat will be great fun for the whole group! In the case of the canoe tours, the youth hostels work with a programme provider – so you won’t have to bother about anything. The service team will organise the tour for you.

What is really popular with families is water parks or leisure pools, in which a boredom-free day is guaranteed even if the weather is bad with water slides, whitewater channels and a varied range of foods. More and more water parks are expanding their range of services to include wellness and beauty areas: you can leave your cares behind in the sauna area, whirlpool or with a massage. From many of the Rhineland youth hostels you can reach a water park to your taste quickly – just contact the DJH Rhineland service team!