Martial arts

From self-defense to staged stunt-show

Boxing, karate, judo, wrestling - martial arts is not only fun, but also increases stamina, body control and strength. A wide variety of Asian martial arts are currently on the rise in Germany: in international competitions such as the Olympics, German martial arts athletes are becoming fierce competitors. In Beijing during the 2008 Summer Olympics, the German light middleweight judoka Ole Bischof won the gold medal. Fighting as a competitive sport has not only gained fans; martial arts also provides a means of self-defense and the teaches proper behavior in dangerous and conflict situations. Fighting techniques aim towards the defeating the enemy but also towards conflict prevention and a general increase in agility, speed and discipline.  

Conflict and violence prevention are especially important in the everyday life of children and adolescents. The Youth Hostels of the Rhineland offer a number of educationally supervised school trip programs that deal specifically with these issues and teach kids how to deal with conflicts among friends.  They also experience extensive classroom preparation for similar situations later in their professional life.  
In the youth hostel Bad Honnef Teens from 11 to 15 years are shaking their fists – but no one is getting hurt. During the “Stunt Academy”, they get to experience the thrilling life of a real stuntman. This includes training sessions for kickboxing, capoeira and stick fighting. While performing daring jumps over obstacles, everybody learns the right techniques for falling and landing safely. At the end of the week, each participant takes part in an exhibition fight on stage to show off their skills. Being a stuntman can be challenging, but also fun and rewarding.