Saddle up!

Everybody knows that horseback riding is fun! For many, going horseback riding is a childhood dream. Even those who have never even been on a horse would have trouble imagining anything more fun and relaxing than riding atop a beautiful creature, sailing along country lanes, meadows or into the forest. Horseback riding is also considered an exercise. Lots of muscles are trained, coordination skills are increased and stress is reduced while enjoying fresh air and beautiful landscapes. At the same time, the intensive handling of animals can help especially young children to develop confidence and self-esteem. 


As an introduction to horseback riding or just out of love to the gentle animals, children of all ages enjoy spending time on a horse farm. Horse farm vacations are a great way to make new friends with like-minded kids and learn about all facets of riding. During the school break program "Schöne Pferien" at the Youth Hostel Nideggen, children and teenagers can live out their passion for horses for an entire week. Here, they learn that horseback riding includes way more than just sitting on the back of the horse. Having a horse means hard work and taking on new responsibilities: boxes have to be cleaned, fur needs to be groomed, hooves have to be scratched out and the tail and mane must be combed. Depending on prior knowledge, kids and teens are divided into several groups and learn a lot of theory about the big animals. Even back at the hostel, all activities revolve around this favored animal: Horse language, saddle knowledge and horse jewelry creation are being taught. Also, participants engage in a little gymnastics to relax aching muscles – after all horseback riding is a demanding sport.  


Love horses but prefer to watch professional athletes doing horse jumping, dressage, and vaulting? Then you should visit the imperial city of Aachen during the summer: Every year, Aachen hosts the World Festival of equestrian sports, the CHIO. The Aachen Youth Hostel is looking forward to your visit!