Hiking in the Rhineland

The perfect mix of sports, nature and adventure

Hiking has become a very popular trend and has found fans and supporters in all age groups. Professionals and beginners alike are taking a GPS, map or compass and exploring Germany’s well-maintained hiking trails that offer all kinds of difficulty levels.  

You are looking for an experience with the right combination of nature, exercise and adventure? Many youth hostels in the Rhineland area offer exciting hiking packages.  See for yourselves!

For families and hikers 16 years and up

“Wandern mit Karl dem Großen” (Hiking with Charlemagne) - new hiking weekend in the Charlemagne year

In 2014, the whole city of Aachen is devoted to Charlemagne. The Aachen Youth Hostel offers a new hiking package in honor of the legendary emperor of the Francs. For a whole weekend, families and hiking fans from 16 years and up have the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Charlemagne all around Aachen. Visitors have quite a few choices: Explore the city of Aachen, the Emma Castle in Belgium and/or the country triangle. Choose your preferred route or tailor your own weekend program by combining several tours. The hiking package includes not only maps for your selected routes, but also two nights with half board, a picnic lunch, bed linen, towels and a local public transport ticket. 


More information (in German)

More information for families

More information for hikers aged 16 and up 


PDF version of the offer 

Tour 1: Emperor Karl guides you through Aachen 

Tour 2: Loop Trail to Emma castle in Belgium 

Tour 3: Loop Trail to country triangle (Belgium, Germany, Netherlands)   


For families

“Familien im Wanderland”: Hiking for families in the “Bergische Land”

You will find the “Bergische Land”, the land of Berg, close to cologne east of the Rhine River. Here, in the low mountain ranges surrounding the youth hostel Morsbach, families find ideal conditions for a hiking day tour. Families with small children will enjoy the "tree path": The mouse from the famous German TV show "Sendung mit der Maus" will guide young and old hikers through the world of trees. ­ 

Experienced families will enjoy conquering the Bergische panoramic route all the way to Waldbroel. The bundle includes two nights (Fri-Sun) with half board, bed linen, towels and a picnic backpack with a lunch box and maps. more information (in German)

“Biber-Alarm”: Walking in the footsteps of the beaver

During this weekend vacation in the youth hostel Nideggen, families are walking in the beaver’s footsteps. This includes trips to the bio station in Nideggen-Brück and the beaver ponds. Here, everybody looks out for stick castles, dams and bits and pieces of bite-sized branches. With a little bit of luck, the hikers get to meet one of the vegetarian semiaquatic super-builders with iron teeth and can call out “beaver alert!” more information (in German)

For school classes

“GPS Schatzsuche” - GPS treasure hunt for grades 5 and 6

Treasure hunt in the Bergische Land: On one day of this 3- or 5-day class trip for 5th to 6th year school children, the students head into nature equipped only with GPS devices. Now, everybody must prove their navigation and team skills – because this challenge can only be met if everybody sticks together as a group. more information (in German)