Gymnastics & Dance

Exercise for the body and soul

Rhythmic music, a good atmosphere and new friends – a lot more fun than pushing your stomach, legs and bottom to the limit at the fitness studio!

Dance and gymnastics are a popular component at youth leisure and school trips to youth hostels in the Rhineland.

At the Show Academy at the Bad Honnef Youth Hostel, kids can find out on their holidays what talents lie within them: street dance, standard dance, belly-dancing and African dance are on the list of events. At the Wiehl Youth Hostel, the high-speed dance workout is combined with a relaxing portion of wellness: guests can go at full power with water gymnastics, yoga and vital workout and then have their exhausted muscles pampered with a massage.

There is also rhythm in the school trip events: at the Wuppertal Youth Hostel schoolkids can earn themselves a short performance in the style of the famous Wuppertal dancer Pina Bausch in the “Class Dance Musical” module. At the same time, kids can learn about discipline and team work. You and your pupils can experience a short excursion to the world of dance at the Cologne-Deutz Youth Hostel. Pupils will learn elements of hip-hop, jazz and street dance in a 2.5-hour workshop.