Penalty without goalkeeper

Football at the rhenish youth hostels

The king of sports

Not just at World- or European championships the hearts of football fans are leaping for joy, because football is by distance the most popular sport in Germany. At the very beginning it was still forbidden in the clubs, but the triumph couldn`t been stopped! Nowadays, more than 6,5 millions boys&girls, man&woman are playing in more than 27.000 football clubs- impressive numbers which are reflecting the popularity of this terrific team-sport.

Football stronghold youth hostel

Also in our region football rapidly became the No.1 at sports. Surely, our youth hostels in the Rhineland contributed their parts to this, because for a long time here it`s about playing football passionately. At the most of our houses big&small football fans will find a football ground or meadow. Some of the youth hostels are even suitable as a real football training ground for clubs- so for example in proximity of the youth hostel Ratingen a district sports facility with a tournament artificial lawn is located.

And it`s even healthy as well!

Naturally, first at all it`s a great fun to play football with the friends, but a match al fresco is also strengthening the immune system and is encouraging the condition, the motor abilities and last but not least the social behaviour- because either star striker or defender: it`s about fairness and respect!

And if one is really exhausted, nothing contradicts to watch entirely relaxed a match in the youth hostel- most of the houses got a telly or even a big screen.