Film & Theatre

Plays, shows and cartoons

Becoming an actor is a big dream for a lot of kids and teens. The special fascination of acting lies above all in the constant transformations it involves: taking on strange roles, playing strange characters and expressing different emotions spontaneously. Above and beyond this, other talents come into play in theatres or shows: singing, dance and comedy. And improvisation must be learned too! After all, things do not always go to plan in live shows. But it is not only actors who belong to film and theatre. There are also the people behind the camera: directors, sound recordists, make-up artists and costume designers have their respective important parts to play on any film and show set.

The youth hostels in the Rhineland offer varied vacation events that are all about film, theatre and show. The programme "Film ab – und Action!" at the Duisburg Landschaftspark Youth Hostel teaches young media makers how to shoot a film – with real professionals, of course. Whether you are in front of the camera or behind it everyone will find a task they enjoy here. Everyone can discover their own talent in the "Show Academy" at the Bad Honnef Youth Hostel and practise a role for the great final show.

Dangerous stunts are not performed by normal actors, whether on TV, at the cinema or at a show. Professionals are required here! The holiday-time "Stunt Academy" proves that a stuntman is not only cool but also has to be very skilful. After an introduction and training in body control, acrobatics and fighting a Hollywood-style show fight will be produced - including crash glass and artificial blood.

Actors, entertainers and stuntmen become superfluous when chairs learn how to walk and a matchstick man tries out the latest tricks on the slackline. At the adventure media camp "Move@Media", run by the Lindlar Youth Hostel, kids and teens learn how to create a cartoon film using computers. To make it look as realistic as possible, the motion sequences are practised, analysed and documented using your own body.