Aim high collectively!

Climbing for everyone in the Rhineland.

Always higher by one`s own efforts, backed by the partner on the ground. Each grasp, each step has to fit! Climbing generates thrills and festive mood. Whoever is in search of an unforgettable climbing-adventure, don`t has to travel far. Even in the Rhineland rookies and advanced climbers will find approved summiteer hotspots and varied climbing routes.

High rope course, abandoned ore-bunkers or real rocks?

The best example herefore is the climbing-area “Effels“, located directly beside the state-of-the-art youth hostel Nideggen. Here families, teenagers and also school classes will crest together the Lower Trias Rocks of the Eifel. Accompanied by professional climbing-trainers, there`s the appropriate challenge from very easy to very heavy for everyone. The same is true for the biggest climbing-garden north of the Alps. You`ll find it in the landscape park Duisburg-North, where in former days coke and iron ore were stored. The diverse bold walls as well as the preserved towers are optimally suitable for climbing, and once above a terrific view onto the unique industrial scenery is offered. Already young climbing-fans can get hints&tricks instructed by qualified trainers, for example in the roofed high rope course of the youth hostel Hellenthal or at the family-climbing leisure of the youth hostel Nideggen. Here they can experience how much fun it is to give one another security and to get started as a team.

Win now and lift off!

Win with a little luck a climbing-weekend for two adults and two children from 7 to 12 years at the youth hostel Nideggen!

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Our climbing-offers....

….for families:

-youth hostel Nideggen: “Family on the rocks“ ( families with children from 7 years on)

-youth hostel Hellenthal: “Family on the ropes“ ( families with children from 6 yeas on)

-youth hostel Duisburg Landscape Park: “Family on the wall“ ( families with children from 7 years on)


….for kids&teens:

-youth hostel Nideggen: Klettern4You ( teens 11-16 years)

-youth hostel Hellenthal: English-Adventure-Club ( teens 12-16 years)

-youth hostel Duisburg-Sportspark: Funsport-Club ( teens 12-16 years)

-youth hostel Duisburg-Landscapepark: Action Cam Hero ( teens 12-16 years)

-youth hostel Nideggen: English Fun Week ( teens 11-14 years)

-youth hostel Simmerath-Rurberg: Survival  Academy ( kids&teens 8-15 years)

-youth hostel Essen: Survival im Pott ( teens 10-14 years)


….for groups at the weekend:

-youth hostel Hellenthal: Team-High Rope Course and Forest-Climbing “no limits“

-youth hostel Duisburg-Landscapepark: Climbing&Via Ferrata XXL

-youth hostel Simmerath-Rurberg: High Rope Course or Climbing-Towers


You`ll find the entire climbing-offers in the both brochures “Fahrtfinder“ ( classes 1-6) and “Klasse aktiv“ ( classes 7-13), or let yourself be consukted by our DJH-Service-Team Rhineland.

Just call us on 0211-30263026 or sent an E-mail to: