Reach the top with your friends!

Trusting others, pushing yourself to the limit, working in a team – climbing parks have just the right leisure-time mixture of sports, fun and thrills. Extraordinary experiences are possible when crossing shaky bridges and beams, deep gorges and daring courses.

A day at the climbing park is an adventure full of exciting challenges for families, travelling groups and school groups. The choice of stations is adapted to the physical fitness and age of the participants: even the very smallest participants can try out their climbing abilities at so-called low-rope stations.

There are many opportunities for experiential learning for conference guests, school classes and trainees in the high-rope course: participants in outdoor seminars are encouraged to take new paths and surpass themselves in unaccustomed surroundings, either individually or in a team. The behaviour of the individual or the team has direct consequences: success and failure can be experienced physically. In this way the transfer of the knowledge acquired to everyday school or company life is guaranteed.

There are some youth hostels in the Rhineland that are equipped with their own climbing parks with high-rope stations – the Hellenthal and Simmerath-Rurberg Youth Hostels have a whole series of exciting programmes to offer with their own high-rope courses.

While mutual experience is at the forefront of climbing in the high-rope course, climbing the climbing wall or tower is a more athletic variation: strength, activity and the ability to coordinate are crucial here. Whether in the wild or on an artificial climbing wall, which is designed like a natural cliff – many climbing routes with varying degrees of difficulty can be tried out.

You can find climbing walls in unique settings at the Rhineland youth hostels, such as the red sandstone cliffs in Nideggen. And in the climbing garden by the Duisburg Landschaftspark Youth Hostel you can scale disused ore bunkers: the walls, with their varying degrees of steepness, and the well-preserved towers are ideal for beginners and professionals alike. When you have reached the top you will be rewarded with a unique view of the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord.

High-rope stations, climbing park or climbing walls: safety, of course, always comes first!