Ball and Indoor Sports

Keeping fit – as a team

Whether it is outside in the fresh air or inside in a gym, a match for fun or a serious sporting event - team sports are fun and keep you fit. Volleyball, handball, basketball and not least football – most people know the simple rules from school. Beach volleyball gives you that beach and summer feeling: the teams bumping and setting to win in a relaxed beach mood, barefoot with their toes in the sand. You can find one of the most beautiful beach volleyball facilities in the region at the Essen Youth Hostel – with a view over Lake Baldeney.

There are many other youth hostels in the Rhineland where you can find large outdoor areas with football pitches, basketball baskets or volleyball nets. Two small teams are enough to get an action-packed match going.

And if there are only two of you there is still an ideal game you can play while you're waiting for the others, even for beginners: table tennis. You can find table tennis tables in most of the DJH Rhineland hostels – either outside or in special indoor rooms. There it does not matter if it is raining or the sun is shining – active guests will be guaranteed never to get bored when this is on offer.

Anyone who takes things more seriously will find ideal conditions for training camps at the Wipperfürth Youth Hostel. The youth hostel is located on Mühlenberg, a well-known sports and leisure centre. Just 500 metres from the youth hostel you will find a multi-purpose sports centre and the "Ohter Wiesen" sports complex with a football training ground. Next season is guaranteed to be a complete success!