Data Protection

Data Protection Declaration of the DJH-LVB Rheinland e.V.

The DJH takes the personal data protection very serious. We want to let you know, which personal data we collect and store while using our Internet presence and how we process these data. We adopt technical and organizational measures, which ensure that the legal regulations on data protection will be regarded both from us and external service providers.

The observance of applicable data protection laws is subject to a permanent verification by our data security officials.

We are processing personal data, which we receive from you, within the frame of our business relationship. We are processing these data in accordance with terms of data-protection law, especially the European General Data Protection Regulation ( DSGVO) and the Federal Data Protection Act. Following we like to inform you about the handling of your data according to article 13 ( DSGVO).


Person In Charge

Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk, Landesverband Rheinland e.V., Düsseldorfer Str. 1a, 40545 Düsseldorf,


Personal Data

“Personal data“ are the entire information which refer to an identified or identifiable natural person ( following: “concerned person“); a natural person will be considered as identifiable, who – directly or indirectly-, especially by use of correlation to an identifier such as name, identification number, location data, online-identifier ( for example Cookie) or one or several specific charecteristics can be identified , which are an expression of the physical, physiological, genetic, psychic, economical, cultural or social identity of this person. These include not information, which cannot be linked directly by its real identity such as – for example- dwell time on the webside or number of users of the webside. Personal data are gathered – for example- with the membership application or in the forum. The collection of personal data is also neccessary with the booking of overnight stays and travels or orderings in the online-shop. The transmission of the data takes place by a secure connection.



1.Visit of our webside


The webside of the Landesverband Rheinland e.V. is supplied by the main association of the Deutsche Jugendherbergswerk. Person in charge: DJH Hauptverband, Leonardo-da-Vinci-Weg 1, 32760 Detmold, phone: 05231 7401-0. You can also find information on the data collecting- and handling connected with this webside on


1.1 Storage of the IP address


The DJH main association stores the IP address, submitted by your webbrowser, strictly appropriated for the period of seven days, for the interest of recognising, limiting and removing assaults on our webside. At the end of this period of time the DJH main association will delete respectively anonymise the IP address. Legal basis is article 6 subparagraph 1 lit. F DSGVO.


1.2 Usage data


While visiting our websides, on our webserver so-called usage data ( “Cookies“) are temporarily stored as a record for statistic purposes to improve the quality of our websides. This dataset consists of:

-the side, from which the file was requested

-the name of the file

-the date and the time of the day of the inquiry

-the transported data size

-the access status ( file transported, file not found)

-the description of the type of used webbrowser

-the IP address of the inquiring computer, which will be shortened, so that a personal reference is not manufacturable


The named record data will be stored just anonymised.


1.3 Data processing for the protection of the justified interests of the person in charge

1.3.1 Contact form

We are processing the data, collected by the contact form, according to article 6 subparagraph 1 lit. f DSGVO to reply your enquiry accordingly. Our justified interest exist primarily therein, to enable  a fast and uncomplicated approach and to process your enquiry; medium-term also in the initiation of a contractual relationship. Especially included by the data processing are: company, club, institution; membership-number ( if at hand); title; name: address; phone; E-mail.


 The data are basically stored up to 6 months after the conclusive processing of your enquiry. In the case of the existing of statutor storage periods, the affected data will be archived for the length of these periods and will be blocked for general access, when they are no longer be needed for the fulfilment of the contract.

We are processing your name and your address according to article 6 subparagraph 1 lit. F DSGVO to inform you by post about new offers. Our justified interest lies in the increase of the workload of the offered travels, programmes and courses.


1.3.2 Online Feedback System


While staying overnight in one of our youth hostels, we will ask our guests if they are willing to give us onetime a short online-feedback on their stay. Therefore we are processing your name and E-mail address according to article 6 subparagraph 1 lit. F DSGVO. Our justified interest lies in the identification of the need for improvement due to the services offered by us. You can disconfirm your consent for participation anytime. Naturally just anonymous feedback data and no personal data will be published on our webside.


1.3.3 Data transfer to third parties


The DJH main association will transfer your data in the frame of an order processing according to article 28 DSGVO to service providers, who are supporting the DJH main association with the running of our websides and the hereby connected processes. Our service providers are strictly bound by instruction according to us and therefore are correlating bound by contract.


The DJH main association appoints the following service providers:


-DJH Rechenzentrum ( Hosting, Detmold)

-Agnitas ( EMM Newsletter, München)

-Google ( Google Analytics)


Additionally the Landesverband Rheinland e.V. appoints the following service providers for the dispatch of newsletters:


-Kasse9 ( Newsletter, Essen)


Also a state association can be the recipient of the data: enquiries, concerning the Landesverband Rheinland e.V. and his youth hostels, will be transmitted for answering to the Landesverband Rheinland e.V., Düsseldorfer Strase 1a, 40545 Düsseldorf.


As far as we are legally or by court decision bounded, we will pass data to information beneficiary sites.



1.3.4 Data transfer to third countries


Partially the DJH main association is transmitting personal data to a third country beyond the EU. Hereby we are always taking care of an appropriate data security level: in case of Google ( USA) an appropriate data security level follows on the respective participation of the Privacy-Shield-Agreement (article 45 subparagraph 1 DSGVO).


1.3.5 Application of Google Analytics and Google Remarketing


For the need-based configuration of our webside, we are generating pseudonyme usage-profiles with the assistance of Google Analytics, to increase the quality of our websides. Google Analytics uses so-called “Cookies“, means text-files which will be stored on your computer and which are enabling an analysis of the usage of the webside by them.

The information of your usage of this webside, generated by the Cookies, will usually be transfered to a server from Google in the USA and be stored there.

Due to the fact that we have activated the IP anonymisation on this webside, your IP address will nevertheless be shortened by Google previously within the member states of the EU or other contracting states of the European Economic Area. Just with exceptions the entire IP address will be transfered to a server of Google in the USA and will be shortened just there. Google will use this information to evaluate your usage of the webside for us, to assemble reports on the webside-activities and to generate further services connected with the usage of the webside and the internet.


You can always object the generation of the pseudonyme usage-profiles. Hereto there are several possibilities:


  1. One possibility to object the web-analysis by Google is to set an Opt-Out-Cookie, which will instruct Google not  to store or use your data for the purpose of a web-analysis. Please notice, that with this solution the web-analysis will just not take place as long as the Opt-Out-Cookie is stored by the browser. If you like to set the Opt-Out-Cookie now, please click HERE.
  2. You can also prevent the storage of the Cookies, used for the usage-profiling, by a respective option of your browser-software.
  3. According to the browser used by you, you have the possibility to install a browser-plugin which will prevent the tracking. Hereto please click HERE and install the downloadable browser-plugin.


Furthermore our webside uses the remarketing-function of Google. With this function, users who have already visited our webside, will be addressed once again by targeted banner advertisement on other sides of the Google Partner Network. The remarketing takes place with the assistance of Cookies, which are set from our side as well as from other sides of the Google Partner Network ( including the on-site sides of Google) – combined usage of first- and third party supplier-Cookies-. While visiting a webside of the Google Partner Network, your previous surf-behaviour can be analysed by the Cookies and afterwards be used for targeted product recommendations and interest-based advertising. If you don`t want  to receive interest-based advertising, you can deactivate the usage of Cookies by Google by calling up the Deaktivierungsseite für DoubleClick. Alternatively you can deactivate the usage of Cookies by third-party suppliers by calling up the Deaktivierungsseite der Netzwerkwerbeiniative.


1.3.6 Newsletter


The DJH main association and the DJH state association Rheinland e.V. are offering the possibility to order an E-mail newsletter. As far as you give us a separate consent, that we should inform you by E-mail about products and services from the DJH, a respective processing based on article 6 subparagraph 1 lit. a DSGVO will follow. Your consent can always be disconfirmed without affecting the legitimacy of the previous processing. If the consent will be disconfirmed, we will shelve the data-processing. Please direct your revocation at the DJH Landesverband Rheinland e.V., Düsseldorfer Str. 1a, 40545 Düsseldorf, phone: 0211 30263026; E-mail:


1.3.7 Technical standards- saved transfer


For the data transfer we are using the so-called SSL-security system(/Secure Socket Layer), usually combined with a 256-bit-codification. This technique offers highest safety and is applied therefore for example also from banks for the data protection at online-banking. You can recognise by a closed illustration of a key- respectively lock symbol in the lower status-ledges of your browser that the data is transfered encoded. At alterations our measures are continously adjustet to the status of technique. Nevertheless we like to point out that data protection for the transfer of data within the internet cannot be guaranteed comprehensive with the current status of technique.


1.3.8  Application of “Cookies“


Cookies are small data packets, which are usually not bigger than 1 kbyte. They are including information with which the web-server is able to recognise the visitor (PC) during the next visit or on the following sides. To recognise the user at the next visit, the Cookies have to be stored by your browser on your local harddisk. The rest of the Cookies of our webside are applied just for one visit, will not be stored on the harddisk and will be deleted with the shut of the browser. These Cookies are needed for example for the diverse search requests.


On linked sides, Cookies will possibly be used without the possibility to inform you. Most of the browsers are configured to accept Cookies automatically. Nevertheless you can deactivate the storing of Cookies or configure your browser to inform you, when Cookies are sent.


2. Membership


The precondition for an accommodation in a youth hostel is always the membership in the Deutsche Jugendherbergswerk or another association of the International Youth Hostel Federation ( IYHF). In the membership application we are collecting the following information:


-prename, surname

-gender respectively title


-date of birth

-valid E-mail address

-phone-number ( landline and/or mobile phone)


For family-memberships also name and date of birth of the partner/female partner as well as the children up to 26 years are recorded, if they shall be admitted costless into the family-membership.


The collection of these data takes place


-to identify you as a member of the Deutsche Jugendherbergswerk ( for example invoice of the membership subscription)

-to fulfill our contractual obligations ( for example writing of the international membership-card)

-for the correspondence with you ( for example invitation for the general meeting)

-the enrolment of the date of birth results from the fact, that overnight stay-prices in youth hostels are age-dependent ( junior-membership, 27+ membership, children- rebate, 27+ surcharge)


The membership-data will be stored in a central database at the DJH-Hauptverband, Leonardo-da-Vinci-weg 1, 32760 Detmold.


3. Booking-enquiries and bookings


Related to the booking of overnight- and catering services as well as all-in programmes, we are collecting the following information:


-title, prename, surname

-valid E-mail address

-phone-nr. ( landline and/or mobile phone)


-information, necessary for the implementation of the contract



The collection of this data takes place


-to identify you as our contractual partner

-to fulfil our contractual obligations

-for the correspondence with you

-for the invoice

-for the implementation of possibly available liability claims as well as the assertation of any charges towards you

-the data collection takes place due to your enquiry and is – according to article 6 subparagraph 1 lit. C DSGVO- for the mentioned purposes necessary for an appropriate processing, especially for the bilateral fulfilment of obligations of the contractual relationship.


The personal data, collected by us, will be stored up to the termination of the duty to preserve records and be deleted afterwards, unless we are – due to fiscal or commercial laws ( HGB, StGB, AO)- bound for a longer storage; or you have consented an extending storage according to article 6 subparagraph 1 S.1 lit. A DSGVO 



4.Your rights


Affected persons do have, due to the proviso of the corresponding provision of the DSGVO, the rights of reference ( article 15) on the themselves affecting personal data as well as to the correction of incorrect data or to deletion ( article 16,17). Furthermore there is the right of limitation of the processing ( article 18) and in the cases of article 20 DSGVO the right of data transferability.


4.1 Right of objection


If data will be processed based on article 6 subparagraph 1 lit. F ( data processing for the protection of justified interests), the affected person appertains to enter an objection on the processing anytime. You have this right at hand concerning to the data processing for advertising purposes. Then we will no longer process the personal data, unless there are verifiable compelling worth being protected reasons for the processing, which will outweigh the interests, rights and liberties of the affected person; or the processing conduces the enforcement of rights, exercising or defence of titles.


4.2 Data subject rights


 You have the right

-according to article 7 subparagraph 3 DSGVO to disconfirm your onetime given consent towards us anytime.This implicates, that we are not allowed to continue the data processing, based on this consent, in the future

-according to article 15 DSGVO to claim reference about the proceeded personal dat by us

-according to article 16 DSGVO to claim immediately the correction of uncorrect data or the completition of your stored personal data from us

-according to article 17 DSGVO to claim the deletion of your stored personal data, unless it is necessary to process these data for the exercise of the right of free expression and information, to fulfil an obligation, for reasons of public interest or for assertation, exercise or defense of obligations

-according to article 18 DSGVO to claim the limitation of the processing of your personal data, as far as the veracity of these data is contested by you; the processing is illegitimate but you are refusing the deletion and we don`t need the data anymore; you need this data for assertation, exercise or defense of obligations or you have entered an objection on the processing according to article 21 DSGVO

-according to article 20 DSGVO to receive your provided personal data in a structured, current and machine-parsable format or to claim the transmission to another person in charge and

-according to article 77 DSGVO to complain at a controlling authority


4.3 Right of complaint at a controlling authority


Each and every affected person has the right to complain at a controlling authority, if he/she considers that the processing of the affecting data contravenes to data protection laws. The right of complaint can especially be claimed at a controlling authority in the member state of the residence of the affected person or in the place of the presumed offence.


In NRW this is the commissioner of data protection Nordrhein-Westfalen, Kavalleriestraße 2-4, 40213 Düsseldorf

The European Commission provides a platform for the online-dispute settlement of an alternative settlement for legal consumer disputes, which can be found at . Dispute settlement ahead of a Consumer Arbitration Service: the DJH Rheinland will not participate at such dispute settlement procedures and is not legally bound on this. An internal complaint procedure does not exist.


5. Contact data of the commissioner of data protection

You will reach our commissioner of data protection at


datenschutz süd GmbH

Wörthstraße 15

97082 Würzburg




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