Seminars and conferences Seminars and conferences

Seminars and conferences Seminars and conferences


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Your key to seminar- and conference success

Facilities for wheelchair users

All of the City-Locations are accessible and equipped with appropriate rooms and baths. The conference rooms are easily reachable for wheelchair users. Please let us know about the number of wheelchair users among your participants, so that we are able to dispose.


You can book your conference directly at the City-Location of your choice- most rapidly by phone, fax or e-mail. You can arrange a consulting or viewing date beforehand, or send a reservation enquiry.

Leisure time

Our houses are not just ideal places for intensive working, they are always offering the framework for a  varied culture and leisure time programm as well: for example a visit at the museum or musical, an eventful daytrip through the rhenish metropolises or a restful tour in the nearby environment. In the evening the on-site bistros are inviting for a relaxed talk with a glass of wine in your hand.


Whether in Aachen, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Duisburg or Cologne: All of the houses are located central and are easily reachable by public transfer or your own car. Parking places are at your disposal directly at the house or in proximity. For detailed travel information please refer to the internet pages of each and every City-Location.


The Deutsche Jugendherbergswerk is a registered association. To utilise the offers of our hostels you require a DJH-group-membership for your firm or organisation. Your benefit: Not every participant of your event needs to be a DJH member. You can get the membership card for groups at the DJH-Service-center Rhineland.

Business hours

Many of our houses are permanently manned, in some of them seminar and conference groups can receive a key. The opening hours of the desks are diversified from house to house, you can find the exact times in the respective discriptions of the hostels.


Conference organisers, who are pursuing charitable, social, cultural or corporative relevant orders – so called non-profit organisations- will receive a 15% rebate on the rent of the rooms in the City-Locations. Young conference guests up to 26 years will benefit especially from our reasonable daily flat rate. Guests from 27 years on (27 plus) are paying an additional charge of 2€ per overnight stay. All prices include VAT.


Our programme agency GO2CITY is developing framework programmes, which are custom-designed for the wishes and requirements of our conference guests, they will be perfectly integrated in the schedule of your event. We will submit a personal offer for framework programmes depending on your purpose, needs and budget.


Detailed information about the facilities of our City-Hostels and their profiles are given by the DJH-Service-Center Rhineland. Here we will advise you central on excess capacity, programm offers, leisure time possibilities on the spot or current information prospectus.


DJH-Service-Center Rheinland

Düsseldorfer Strasse 1a

40545 Düsseldorf

Tel.: 0211 30263026

Fax: 0211 30263027




Opening hours

Monday to Thursday 8.00 – 17.00

Friday                        8.00 – 15.00


Reachable at phone

Monday to Friday 8.00 – 17.00

Conference consulting

So that your event can pass off perfectly, beforehand and during it our experienced employees are on hand with help and advise, guaranteeing a personal and professional service one-stop. The on-site service teams will gladly give suggestions on range and designing of the rooms, as well as on the planning of the meals and the leisure time activities.

Daily flat rate including overnight stay

Already from 10 participants on you can use our reasonable daily flat rate with or without overnight stay.


° 1 overnight stay in a multi-bed room with shower/toilet ( double-bed/single room additional charge) respectively seminar organiser in a single room without additional charge

° breakfast, lunch, dinner

° conference room in an appropriate size

° setup as requested

° flipchart

° pinboard

° WLAN for referents

° coffee, tee, 2 cold drinks a conference

° 2 snacks a conference

Prices per person and overnight stay



Conference flat rate without overnight stay

° conference room in an appropriate size

° lunch, 2 snacks a conference

° setup as requested

° flipchart

° pinboard

° WLAN for referents

° coffee, tee, 2 cold drinks a conference

Prices per person and day


Furthermore the City-Locations are offering several varieties for organising individual conference offers. Smaller groups will usually receive individual custom-designed offers as well. Prices and achievements are diverse from house to house. For information on this please refer to the pages of the respective hostels.

Conference rooms

The conference rooms in our City-Hostels are modern and friendly designed and can be seated according to your wishes. Most of the rooms are offering a nice view into the countryside, some of them are equipped with a separate balcony or a direct exit outdoors. The conference rooms are easily reachable for wheelchair users.

Conference technique

All of the conference rooms are equipped with modern media and exposure technique. Further media, tools or special conference technique can be booked additional. WLAN is available in all of the rooms. For information on the exact facilities please refer to the discriptions of the houses or the  table “Conference Facilities“.

Number of participants

The capacities of the rooms range from -depending on the house- 10 to 210 persons per room. For bigger events our houses are on hand exclusively according to the agreement.


The cooking-teams of the City-Hostels appreciate lightly, varied and balanced food. All of the meals will be served as a buffet. Medical, veggie and religious induced meal requires will be certainly considered gladly. The meal times are determined by your meeting schedule. Beside breakfast, lunch and dinner you can get -by request- drinks for the conference, fruits, coffe and cake in the afternoon, snacks or lunch-packets. Optional the on-site bistros are offering hot or cold drinks and additional small meals.

Facilities and rooms

All of the houses are equipped with modern and friendly single- double- or multibed rooms with shower and toilet. The rooms and baths are accessible. All of the City-Hostels are equipped with an on-site bistro or a Cafe`-Bar, often with a separate patio. For information on the details of the facilities please refer to the discriptions of the houses.